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Studying at the Eco-Escuela Spanish School in San Andrés,
Peten - Guatemala, is more than just learning to speak Spanish. While you acquire a solid knowledge of the Spanish language, you'll also have the opportunity to experience first-hand the customs and culture of the Ítza Maya and their fascinating history.

At Eco-Escuela, our Spanish Language courses consist of the following essential components.

One-on-One Individual Spanish instruction
Well-educated teachers, with many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students, plan their classes individually for each student. Depending on your level of Spanish experience, as well as your needs and interests, your teacher will use teaching techniques that work best for you, moving you forward at the pace you are comfortable with, while making the most progress in the shortest possible time.

Personal Experience
Eco-Escuela Spanish School provides many opportunities to leave the classroom behind and practice your Spanish in realistic, real-life situations. Talking and interacting with native "Peténeros" will give you opportunities to apply what you've learned in class, which will increase your knowledge of the Spanish language and further your spanish language skills.

Latin American Culture & Customs
While studying Spanish at the Eco-Escuela Spanish school, our students learn about and experience the local customs and culture of the Ítza Maya, Guatemala and the Spanish-speaking world in general.

At the Eco-Escuela Spanish School, learning doesn't end
when classes are over. We encourage students to make optimum use of their stay in San Andrés and we do our best to provide many opportunities where students can continue learning and practicing their Spanish outside the classroom. School Activities, Volunteer Opportunities and weekend Excursions to places of interest are ideal places to practice your Spanish in real-life situations.

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"The experience and enthusiasm of the instructors was great! Every day my teacher found an entertaining
way to improve my Spanish and have fun at the same time"

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